Our strategy is simple: help business leaders by defining their needs and analyzing key skills for the position.

Recruitment – Training – Coaching [RTC]

Recruitment of executives and professionals
  • Aiding organizations effectively by defining their recruitment needs
  • Establishing a bridge between the vision of the company and the career prospects of candidates
  • Facilitating collaboration, integration, and business evolution in an intergenerational context.

Work team training
  • These courses are aimed at managers who are concerned with improving themselves. 1001Talents offers the acquisition of techniques that promote human and efficient governance of your organization through a practical and participatory approach.
  • Training topic : Social skills, the keys of great leaders [management coaching]

NLP Coaching

A sample of our areas of intervention:

  • Sense of belonging and job satisfaction [development coaching]
  • Management of internal conflicts [problems solving coaching]
  • Leadership development [career coaching]
  • Non-violent communication and team cohesion [mixed approach: resolution coaching and development coaching]


1001Talents is a human resources Consultancy

specialized in head hunting and coaching for executives and professionals in the industrial sector. We offer recruitment services and head-hunting for permanent or temporary positions. Team training and NLP Coaching are also offered.

Our headhunters and NLP Coaches

are professionals who use specific tools to assess the values and skills of managers and professionals. High-performance indicators allow them to place the right professional resource in the right spot.



    Our human resources Consultancy stands out for its transparency and its simplicity: 5 verifiable facts

    The rate for our head-hunting service is decided during a consultation with you, depending on the complexity of the desired profile. There are no application fees, no third-party payments, just results!


    General Manager

    Motivated and qualified professional with more than 20 years of experience in operations management, including skills in strategic planning, budgeting, financial reporting, negotiation and marketing. A natural and charismatic leader, with experience expanding business demonstrated in managing $100 million P&L and 1,000 employees in 2011 and expanding operations to $1 billion P&L and 14,000 employees. Seasoned communicator who builds positive and genuine relationships with clients, stakeholders, union representatives, and team members to achieve multiple objectives. Proven success in working in fast-paced, high-pressure environments blending insight and strategic thinking to identify operational gaps and develop and implement creative solutions.

    Ref- 1001T.2102

    CHEMIST – Member of the Order of Chemists of Quebec

    More than 10 years of professional experience in the field of Materials for industry and Environment (mines, construction materials, refractory, aeronautic and automotive) : Validate, practice and optimize the physico-chemical analysis methods in laboratory, and control of starting materials and finished products, and study environment assessments. Develop new formulas and implement new products on an industrial scale in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines. Provide companies appropriate practices of industrial waste reuse with economic and environmental benefits.

    Support companies during the implementation of new technologies and new products. Design and optimize manufacturing process of value-added industrial materials in laboratory (cemented paste backfill, cement, concrete, ceramic, clay, mica, quartzite and metallic alloys).

    Ref- 1001T.2103

    Senior Network/Security Administrator

    Experienced Network/System administrator having developed skills in:

    • Design and implement information security solutions/infrastructure
    • Firewall administration in a highly available environment
    • Access Control and operations security / Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Legal regulations, Investigations, and compliances
    • URL filtering and Application Control / IPS/IDS management
    • VPN Technologies (IPSec and SSL VPN) / Administration the endpoints security
    • Conduct Security Assessment and Penetration Testing using Manual Methods, Commercial and Open Source Tools.
    • Kali Linux Tools including Metasploit Framework Console
    • Cryptography, PKI, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, DHCP, DNS, IOS, Linux, RADIUS, AD DS
    • Network design, LAN Switching/Routing
    • Linux (CentOS and Redhat) and Windows Servers
    • Monitoring network resources / IBM hardware infrastructure (Blade Centers, servers and storage)
    • Active Directory and MS-Exchange infrastructure / Mobile Device Management
    • VMware infrastructure / IT project management

    Ref- 1001T.2104


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